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The end of sufferings

The noble's truth of the cessation of sufferings is in the centre of Buddha's teachings. And it's natural: if there is origin of all sufferings, therefore there must be the cessation of all sufferings, too. It's good to acknowledge, that Buddha's teachings are not about sufferings in life. On the contrary, he taught us, how to cease all sufferings. In short, just don't take anything personally. This is the essence, this is the core of the Dhamma.

If no person could take anything personally, then there is no sufferings. If nobody could suffer, then there is no sufferings. Sufferer and suffering are all just the same. Remove the one who suffers, remove your 'I', 'me', 'mine', your 'self', your ego — then there will remain nobody who could suffer, there will be no sufferings anymore, it will disappear, as if it never has been.

Actually, there is no reason to cease, to remove anything at all. All our thoughts, all our feelings, all emotions, assessments, wishes, needs, cravings, pains and sufferings are illusions, created by ourselves, which itself is an illusion already. There is no reason to remove it and actually it's impossible to remove anything which is not existent, which is not real, which is already missing.

There is no cage, no matrix, no prison to escape to be free. You are free already. Nothing to fight for. Nobody to save from.

If there is nobody home, then there is nobody who could get insulted, get upset. Anybody cannot even kill you. Only a person can die, but if there is no person, no personality, no 'I', 'me' or 'self', then death is virtually excluded. The 'person' is already dead.

The cats have no graveyards. The dogs have no funerals. They don't worry about themselves, about their 'selves'. In Thailand, like in other Buddhist countries, there are no graveyards, at least not for Buddhist people. The body means nothing, it's nobody's property. It will be burnt and the ashes will be dissolved.

We can see all the world as a childish game, we can discover all the tricks performed by the illusionist, we can read and understand the source code of the matrix, the simulation, the virtual world where we live — and still be in it, being aware about it, noticing, knowing, and letting go.

If there is just a pure awareness, pure consciousness without any disturbance, without any defilement, then there appears clear view, clear insight, clear understanding, without any blurring imaginations.

And all the sufferings disappear forever. These were just imaginations.

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